Membership dues due – use Paypal

It is time to pay membership dues for the 2016 season. The sooner we have them the sooner we can use them.

It is very easy to pay by Paypal.

At the top right of the HWS home page:
1) Select either an individual or a family membership.
2) Type in your full name.
3) Click the Pay Now button and follow the instructions.

For more detailed information and/or to pay by check click the ‘Join’ menu item at the top of the page.


Brighten up?

We were at the beach the other day when a couple of friendly RCMP officers stopped to mention that boaters have occasionally had difficulty seeing kiters and windsurfers when they are wearing a dark wetsuit and sailing a dark kite or sail.

For more visibility, consider wearing a bright colored PFD, or perhaps a bright colored rashguard shirt over your wetsuit.

New webcam

Check out the new webcam picture from Frank’s place. Click the Webcam menu item at the top of the page.

Thanks to Frank for supplying the camera and Mark Turner for programming it to upload to our web server.

Want to Join HWS?

Click the Join HWS button in the main menu for details on joining the Harrison Windsport Society.

If you just want to use Paypal to pay your annual HWS membership fee, or to donate to HWS you can do so with the Pay Now or Donate buttons in the upper right of the page.


Website info

If any members want to post articles, photos, or classified ads, please use the contact form under the ‘About us’ menu item to request a login id and password. Please include your full real name, your email, and your desired ‘public’ name.

Anyone can use the ‘Quick Chat’ on the left. Instead of using the default Guest_xxx name, enter a name your friends will recognize, example JohnS.


Breakwater Beach improvements

Saturday, June 28, 2014 the beach was cleaned up, and organized. Luk arranged to have a small excavator there which was able to perform some quite amazing feats for its size. It was able to lift and move the concrete barriers, those huge rocks, and other junk that was spread around willy nilly. Luk had a plan for everything, and the guys operating the excavator executed the plan perfectly. Jeremy and I cleaned up the beaches and helped where we could. There is now more room for everyone to rig, launch, and move around.
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