Derelict sunken boat hazard reduction

On Monday Mar 18 Michelle Ambrose and I went to Harrison to take advantage of the very low water level to try and break up the sunken derelict boat that is close to the breakwater. The boat is extremely well built with massive 6×6 timers and formed steel pieces bolted and nailed together. We could only manage to lower it somewhat by prying off some of the semi rotten top timbers and planks. More importantly we removed and/or flattened the numerous, large, and dangerous bolts, spikes, and nails sticking out of it. So it is now a safer, lower, and smoother surfaced derelict.

Probably the only realistic solutions to getting rid of it entirely is to have it towed by either a tug boat or a land based vehicle. Even after all the years it has been in the water it is still really solid, and heavy.

Unfortunately we did not think to take any photos. However I did manage to use the footage from the webcam on that day to create a time lapse GIF which you can see below. The camera is too far away to give anything other that a very grainy image of us and the boat. So what you see is a Benny Hill type time lapse of a couple of figures in black wetsuits sawing, prying, hacking and sledge hammering on the boat for over an hour.

If anyone knows the history of the sunken boat I would like to post it on our website.

Also, I happened to stumble upon this link to a Federal Government program to get rid of abandoned boats in case the club wants to pursue it:

Here is the Benny Hill time lapse GIF of our efforts, lol:


Wind-meter also working again

The wind-meter is working again thanks to the combined efforts of Mark Turner, Ross at the Harrison Hotel, Luk Stanek, and myself. Unfortunately the direction indicator is probably not going to be fixed until the off season. Not a big problem though, just look on the webcam for a nice wind shadow North of the breakwater.

Portable Toilet installation postponed

Due to the high water at the beach we have made the decision to postpone renting the Portable Toilet until conditions improve enough to warrant having one. We can still use the Portable Toilet at the Government dock 400m south of our beach.

The beach today, courtesy of Luk, click to see a larger version:


Viewing this website on a cellphone

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Thanks to Alex for this tip!


Webcam and windmeter update info

The building where the webcam is installed is undergoing some construction. We believe the power is out to the webcam but will be restored in a couple of weeks.

Luk has removed the windmeter from the roof of the Harrison Hotel and given it to me (Randy) to troubleshoot. I hope to have it operational in a couple of weeks.

Update: The wind-meter has been repaired (95% confidence level), but still needs to be reinstalled on the roof of the Harrison Hotel.

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