Wind-meter also working again

The wind-meter is working again thanks to the combined efforts of Mark Turner, Ross at the Harrison Hotel, Luk Stanek, and myself. Unfortunately the direction indicator is probably not going to be fixed until the off season. Not a big problem though, just look on the webcam for a nice wind shadow North of the breakwater.

Portable Toilet installation postponed

Due to the high water at the beach we have made the decision to postpone renting the Portable Toilet until conditions improve enough to warrant having one. We can still use the Portable Toilet at the Government dock 400m south of our beach.

The beach today, courtesy of Luk, click to see a larger version:


Viewing this website on a cellphone

If the Internet Browser on your cell phone does not display this website properly, the Browser will probably have an alternate ‘desktop view’ mode which should give better results.

For example on an Android phone using the Firefox browser:
– bring up the Firefox menu and tap the ‘Request Desktop Site’ check box.

Most cell phone Browsers have a similar option. Google how to set yours.

Thanks to Alex for this tip!


Webcam and windmeter update info

The building where the webcam is installed is undergoing some construction. We believe the power is out to the webcam but will be restored in a couple of weeks.

Luk has removed the windmeter from the roof of the Harrison Hotel and given it to me (Randy) to troubleshoot. I hope to have it operational in a couple of weeks.

Update: The wind-meter has been repaired (95% confidence level), but still needs to be reinstalled on the roof of the Harrison Hotel.

Webcam view improved

Thank you to Dragon Boat Club member Scott, also of Scott’s Tree Service, for pruning the branches that were blocking much of the view of Breakwater Beach.

Thanks to Luk Stanek, Alex Switzer, Mike Shaw, and John Crump for spending a few hours on a Saturday cleaning up the branches.

And, as always, thanks to the ‘The Lodge on Harrison Lake’ for providing the site, camera, and Internet access.

Harrison Windsports Society wind meter

Thanks to the combined efforts of Luk, Alex, Mark, myself, and others we now have our new wind-meter mounted and working on top of the Harrison Hotel roof.

Thanks to the Harrison Hotel for allowing us to put it there and supplying the Internet connection.

Our website displays wind measurements from 10 am to 8 pm (summer hours).

The wind speeds should be very accurate.

We may tweak the direction readings a bit to reflect the wind in the center of Harrison Lake, it seems to be reading a bit east right now, which may be due to the wind fanning out after passing through Harrison. That is something we notice when sailing also.

The two graphs at the bottom attempt to give an indication of the abruptness or ‘punch’ of the wind gusts. If you have any suggestions for better ways of calculating and representing the wind ‘punch’, let me know.

Click on the ‘Wind Graph’ tab above to see the graphs, but first, check out this nice photo that Luk took of the wind meter mounted on the hotel:

North Shore Ski & Board

North Shore Ski & Board is now an active supporter of our club and they have given us a generous donation. They are a long time major supplier of kiteboarding and windsurfing gear, as well as gear for snowboarding, skiing, and other sports. They are located at 1625 Lonsdale Ave, North Vancouver, BC and can be contacted at 604-987-7245.

They are supporting us, so please support them.



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