2017 Annual General Meeting Sunday, May 28 at 11 am

—- June 2017 update to the original post:

View the minutes of the meeting by clicking on the HWS Info menu item at the top of the page.

—- The original post:

I just received this email from Rhonda:

Spring Greetings!! (finally)

The 2017 season is just gearing up and we are planning our AGM this coming Sunday, May 28 at 11 am.

Meet at the Breakwater Beach, bring a chair and any questions or concerns you have regarding our little piece of paradise.

Quick beach tidy up preceding our meeting and *fingers crossed* some great wind for sailing after.

If its raining we will meet at the local Muddy Waters Cafe on the main drag.

Can contact myself (Rhonda) at 604-462-9259 with any questions, otherwise hope to see you there!!

Pass this on to anyone interested, we;d love to see new members joining this year!

Please let me know if youd like to be removed from the emailing list, I promise its only used for important announcements such as this 🙂

(email from Rhonda)

8 thoughts on “2017 Annual General Meeting Sunday, May 28 at 11 am

  1. So how is kiteboarding scene looking at harrison. there was a guy once in squamish saying ots really nice but whenever i look at ikitesurf sensor wind looks weak… is there somebody we could get in touch with regarding the wind? we have this big whatsapp group of vancouver kiteboarders but we dont have anybody from harrison lake… would bw nice to add somebody so they can let us know about conditions there.

    • The ikitesurf wind meter is fairly accurate. You are correct that the wind is generally 5mph less here than in squeamish. This season has had a less than stellar start but has improved this last week. Glad I have a foil board this year. Normally 12m is the most common size.
      Our wind meter is in the process of being relocated and will hopefully have a more accurate reading for the West side of the lake. Also keep an eye on the quick chat on the web site, that is where some of the locals post weather updates.


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