Breakwater Beach improvements

Saturday, June 28, 2014 the beach was cleaned up, and organized. Luk arranged to have a small excavator there which was able to perform some quite amazing feats for its size. It was able to lift and move the concrete barriers, those huge rocks, and other junk that was spread around willy nilly. Luk had a plan for everything, and the guys operating the excavator executed the plan perfectly. Jeremy and I cleaned up the beaches and helped where we could. There is now more room for everyone to rig, launch, and move around.

Kudos to Luk, and a big thanks to two great guys, Dan and Manuel (Danny & Manny) from Kurt’s Construction in Harrison Hot Springs for their time and excavator. They really did a super job!


Here are some before pictures:




Here is a during picture:


Here are some after pictures:




2 thoughts on “Breakwater Beach improvements

  1. im not a spam bot but i will come shred some flat water!!

  2. Hi I windsurf there during the winter months as well and also pick up junk , bottles etc
    Wish people had more respect for themselves.
    Looks good guys thx

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