Kite buggy speed record

Just an FYI for those people that may not know already, our very own Harrison Windsports president Luk Stanek raced kite buggies and also held the world land kite buggy speed record for many years. His speed is still tied for 5th place all time according to this website:

Land kite buggy speed records

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  1. Yes, I read the “article”, if that’s what you call anything printed by the Mail (and a fair few other Brit publications). No, I didn’t get into the Let’s Bash Some Woman I Don’t Know From Adam party on Twitter. I don’t do cyber-dissing. Is that a word? And yes, I think she was in on it. She’s got a book to flog doesn’t she. Hell, she’s probably got more than a few extra book sales out of her 24 hours of fame. I say good luck to her.

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