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The minutes of the 2016 HWS AGM meeting:

Harrison Windsport Society

Minutes of AGM, June 11, 2016

In attendance: 7 members, Switzer, Stanek, Davidson, Howe, Caronni,Turner, Bull

>Meeting called to order at 1015 am Stanek, 2nd Switzer

>Stanek: Portapotty -installed, in place til Labour day weekend, bathroom info sign to be a laminate copy opposed to metal.

>Stanek: permit has been pulled/application withdrawn to develop between Breakwater and Frank’s

>Stanek:Protecting Site -1:Apply for water lease @ $1/month for 15 yrs

*Kent/Breakwater must provide recreational access to the public

-2:Link with groups needing consult prior to proceeding (ie: aboriginals)

*Stanek to follow up on lease/consult, Davidson to follow up on Liability insurance

>Stanek:RAPP to be contacted if illegal activity noticed. 1-877-952-7277 (RAPP) or #7277 on the TELUS Mobility Network


>Stanek:Windmeter, up and running, viewable on website, may be down briefly for servicing. Request to have meter reading start at 8am rather than 10 am approved. Camera/wind meter needs tree service

>Howe:move to prebook yearly AGM, motion to set next AGM to May 27,2017@ 10 am at Breakwater beach with yearly AGM set to the weekend following Victoria Day. 2nd by Davidson

>Stanek:Financial Report: $1440 standing in account with $500 dedicated to a new windline

>Stanek: Moved that executive team remain as such:

Stanek: President

Switzer: Vice President

Davidson: Sect/Treas

Caronni: Member at Large

Hayward: Executive Team

2nd by Howe

Meeting adjourned, 2nd Switzer

Respectfully submitted,

The Harrison Windsport Society

Rhonda Davidson

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