Breakwater Beach Webcam

The beach view webcam is temporarily down. Our website hosting service recently moved our website to a new server. In doing so, they also changed our website’s IP address.  The camera side will need to be updated to match that new IP. Luk will be contacting the Lodge’s owner to discuss it.


A webcam view of Breakwater Beach courtesy of the ‘The Lodge on Harrison Lake’.
Reminder for HWS members: Yearly membership fees are due!
Refreshing the page will get the latest webcam image.
Use Ctl+ and Ctl- to zoom and shrink the view.

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The view is approximately towards the South West.
The beaches in Harrison can be seen in the distance behind the breakwater.
The entrance to Harrison River is approximately straight across.
Kiteboarders and windsurfers launch and land from the gravel area to the left of the breakwater spit.

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