Links and items of interest

Kiteboarding lessons. There are no kiteboarding schools at Harrison Lake. If you want to learn how to kiteboard there are schools in the Vancouver area that will teach you. The following is a link to a page with details: kiteboarding schools in the Vancouver area

A link I found of our prez Luk Stanek kiting at Harrison in snow and fog during the winter of 2007/2008. That’s Ka├»ma launching him: ‘Luk in the cold’

Video clip from a session I filmed with my head-cam while kiteboarding at Harrison Jun 18, 2018. It shows Grant doing a jump and roll on his foil board. Randy

A link to an excellent video explaining how to self rescue when things go wrong while kiteboarding. She starts off explaining how to do the textbook self rescue in low wind and wave conditions, but later on gives some good advice for self rescuing in high wind and wave conditions: Self Rescue – Learn How to Kiteboard with Laurel Eastman

A link to an excellent video explaining the circumstances in which the so called kiteboard ‘death loop’ can occur, and what to do if it does occur: Surviving the Death Loop

A follow up link to the first ‘death loop’ video:
This is really worth watching! Surviving the Death Loop video #2.

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