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2022 Annual General Meeting Sunday June 5th @ highnoon

Time for another AGM, with hopes that the rainy season is (nearly) behind us!


Membership dues for 2022 can be paid ahead of time.  With the new website mostly setup, please set up a membership login for yourself, and then pay the Membership Fee through the usual PayPal method.


Date: Sunday June 5, 2022

Time: 12:00 noon

Location: Breakwater Beach


6 thoughts on “2022 Annual General Meeting Sunday June 5th @ highnoon

  1. The new website is nice but it seems unfortunately the discussion is near non existent. I know it’s a small and great group. Hope someone is looking at this site and sees this message. I haven’t been out there this year yet. Does anyone know the status of the wind sensor? Also, are the AGM minutes posted?

    1. Finally, note that the best place for discussion should be in the Chat Box on the same page as the wind meter and webcam. Perhaps if we all post a chat when we are thinking of heading out that will foster more discussion?

  2. Thanks Leonard. When I go to the webcam/meter/chat section, there is none of these things. Odd also is it says to be a member to see these (I did this) yet it shows my name as give the option of logging out… I assumed this meant the webcam/meter and chat was not working for anyone.

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