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Harrison Windsports Society is made up of people who windsurf, kiteboard and wing on Harrison lake. We attempt to provide services such as keeping the beach clean and organized, having a porta-potty available for those who need it, maintaining a website with a wind graph and webcam and chat service, and maintaining a face book page. Additionally, the society works with the District of Kent and Harrison Village to ensure access is maintained for wind enthusiasts.  Everyone who is involved with maintaining these services are volunteers, and any money collected through membership dues simply goes to maintaining these services. Joining the Harrison Windsport society is inexpensive, and it helps us maintain these services and keep wind sports alive on Harrison Lake, a place we believe is a spectacular place to sail and kite. If you are interested in becoming a member please talk to any member on the beach or check out the webpage – “harrisonwindports.com” which has info on becoming a member or donating. You can also like us on facebook at “Harrison Windsports Society”. THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT!

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2020 HWS AGM minutes:

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Harrison Windsport Society

Minutes of AGM June 14,2020

In Attendance: 14 members
Alex, Luk, Owen,Bruce, Randy, Michelle, John, Jared, Adam, Mike,Leonard, Corry, Jackie, Rhonda
Meeting called to order at 11:10 AM Luk, 2nd Rhonda

Luk: Updates: District of Kent will be supplying a public portapotty from May to mid September, revamping with lock blocks being added to beach and boat launch area, moving boat launch 5 ft closer to highway and adding diagonal parking (no trailers).
Members are asked to send layout suggestions/concerns to Leonard@kerkhoff.ca for compiliation to be sent to Kent for consideration.
Membership is continuing at current set rate to establish a slush fund/in the event that portapotty isnt available from Kent in future years.
Kent is adding bear proof garbage and recycling receptacles, cleaning up the beach, adding pea gravel to launch site.
Adam: his 6 hp orange Zodiak is anchored out front of Luk’s property and available to members in need

  • do not beach it on shallow shore
  • disconnect fuel and run line dry before storage
  • bring a kite pump to refill slow leak

*NOT AN OFFICIAL RESCUE BOAT* (no liability being taken on, member is offering its use as borrowing only) Can contact Adam with any questions or concerns at (604)316-4603
Rhonda: current balance $1490.00
Luk: windmeter battery is dead, may need yearly replacement, easier than removing for off season storage.
Luk: Felt mat revisited as permanent beach fixture/rigging area.
Kent is ok with placement, Rhonda to call around to pulp mills for availability, Leonard available for transport.
Luk: HWS stickers available for 2020, Owen to pick up and deliver to Luk. Beach regulars to have on hand for member distribution, no cost.
Luk: website sponsorship by North Shore Ski and Board has expired,
Luk to contact company re: new commitment

Group concerns:

  • flagpole resurection
  • sunken boat : low coverage (2 ft below surface), environmental risk with removal, liability concern to remain. Owen to look into scrap removal, Luk to approach Kent with suggestions/concerns.

Leonard: come up with beach layout/ suggestions and concerns for Kent’s consideration when revamping parking and boat launch.
Members encouraged to email Leonard@kerkhoff.ca with input.
Rhonda: move Executive Team remain as such

  • President: Luk Stanek
  • Vice President: Alex Switzer
  • Secretary/Treasurer: Rhonda Davidson
  • Executive: Bruce Lemky, Owen Davidson, Corey Caronni

2nd Bruce

Alex: meeting adjourned at 12:10 pm. 2nd Luk

Respectfully submitted,
The Harrison Windsport Society
Rhonda Davidson